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December 2013

December 18, 2013

After a long silence I am going to try more regular blogs. It is hard to stop being afraid of computers, especially when one has to do something new or unfamiliar, and I use all kinds of displacement activities to avoid working on my website. However I have recently discovered several younger colleagues who feel the same way, and this is very encouraging. When one is old, every fear, error, mishap or episode of forgetfulness is easy to put down to increasing age instead of saying ‘I need to do this’. So let’s see if I can. I have some new pictures on the website which show what I have been doing in the past months, and pretty soon will send out a new newsletter. Of course we all want just to paint but in order to have credibility it is necessary to engage in all this stuff – I would like to be taken seriously and this is the price.

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